Logan Review

So, what are the problems with this movie?

NOTHING!!!! There is nothing wrong with this movie. This is one of the best comic book movies ever made. I am not kidding. It is up there with the likes of The Dark Knight, Avengers, Captain America: Civil War and Deadpool. Speaking of which, make sure you get to your showing early so you don’t miss the special surprise before the movie starts. So get there at least 10 minutes or so before the showing starts so you have plenty of time to go to the bathroom, get your snacks and drinks and stuff, etc. Though I would recommend that for every movie. But I digress.

Logan is not just a fantastic comic book movie, but a fantastic movie in general. Mainly because it’s so different from other comic book movies. It still has comic book elements, it is an entry in a comic book franchise after all, but it plays out in a way we’ve never seen before. It kinda plays out like a road trip western. Granted, there has been a movie based on a comic book western before, but…


… yeah.

Seriously, this movie better get major Oscar attention next year, particularly for the cast. Both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart give their best performances as Logan and Professor Xavier ever. Admittedly, when I heard Xavier drop an f-bomb in the second trailer, it felt strange. But when I saw the movie and the state he was in, it made sense(new clarification I’m making with my reviews. I will only criticize bad language if it feels out of character and not simply because it’s used. I’m not saying I condone bad language or that I do or ever will use it myself. I just don’t think it’s worth talking about.). This is their last time playing these characters, supposedly, and they give their all for the ending to their 17 year run as these characters and it’s truly sad to see them go. But they don’t leave without providing someone new. And that’s Laura, AKA X-23, played by newcomer Dafne Keen. And oh boy, this girl has got one heck of a career ahead of her, especially if she continues with this role, which I’m certain she will. It’s hard to really describe her performance because most of the movie she doesn’t say anything and anything you do hear out of her is just angry grunts and yells when she goes on a rampage and starts killing bad guys and she doesn’t actually start to talk until later in the film. You’d think that wouldn’t make for a good performance, in fact, you’d think it’d be the opposite. But it surprisingly works.

Oh, and speaking of going on rampages and killing bad guys, Sweet Merciful Crap, thank you Deadpool for making so much money, allowing this to get an R-rating. If you were afraid that they would hold back on the violence like they did in the other movies, trust me, the opening scene will rid you of that assumption real quick. After 17 years, Wolverine fans finally get what we’ve wanted to see for years; Logan tearing through a thousand goons. There’s no holding back. If the claws come out, there’s gonna be blood and a lot of it. I think this might actually be more violent and bloody then Deadpool, if you can believe that. There’s one scene particular, which I won’t go into detail on, where it got really crazy. It was rough. It was brutal. It was intense. It was Freakin Awesome.

Logan truly is one of the best comic book movies ever made and it’s a fitting final ride for Hugh Jackman. Maybe one day Fox will get their act together and let the X-Men become a part of the MCU, Jackman says that’s his one condition for if he’ll ever come back to the role again, but it’s unlikely unfortunately. So this will most likely be the last time we’ll see him dawn the claws. And if it is, I’ll take it. This is an absolute masterpiece. The critic quotes don’t exaggerate. It’s not just a great comic book movie, but a great movie in general. Great acting, great action, great direction, great music, great cinematography and of course a great story and characters. It got me hyped up, it made me laugh, it made me cry. Logan gets 5/5 X-Men Comics.

And now for a list of the Oscar Nominations this movie better get:

Hugh Jackman for Best Actor

Patrick Stewart for Best Supporting Actor

Dafne Keen for Best Supporting Actress

James Mangold for Best Director

Marco Beltrami for Best Original Score

Logan for Best Picture


Next time, we take a trip to Skull Island with Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

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