Star Wars Anthology Films I Would Like To See

We’ve got a lot of Star Wars movies coming in the near future and rightfully so. As I said in my Rogue One review, the Star Wars universe is a big place and there are dozen, if not hundreds of stories that have yet to be and deserve to be told. And here, I’m gonna list off some Anthology films I’d like to see, as well as some ideas I might have for some of them.


Tar Vizsla: The Mandalorian Jedi

We only recently learned of the existence of this character on the most recent episode of Star Wars: Rebels. But just the idea of a Mandalorian Jedi character has so much potential and could make for a really epic movie(In fact, you could create an entire franchise just around the Mandalorians.), and arguably could tie in/lead to something involving a Knights of the Old Republic type story. Particularly a Netflix series which there is a campaign going on for. Not really sure who would play the role since we don’t know that much about the character as of now. And I’m not sure about a director either. Though Peter Jackson comes to mind for some reason.


Death Troopers

This is one of the more unlikely movies on this list, but it’s still worth mentioning. I would want it to be a found footage film and filmed from the perspective of an Imperial Security Droid. After seeing Rogue One, it’s clear that these droids are built for or at least have a reasonable amount of capability for combat. And this would be a movie about what are essentially Stormtrooper Zombies. So if you set it from the perspective of an astromech or protocol droid, the movie would be over pretty quickly. No idea who would direct since the only found footage movie I’ve ever seen is Chronicle. And since Josh Trank pretty much dropped out of the Boba Fett movie at the last second, I doubt he’d direct. Also, spoiler alert, a Boba Fett movie is not on this list.

Now like I said, this would probably not happen. Mainly because, of course, Star Wars is under Disney. And while they of course don’t keep them from doing anything violent, I doubt they would green light a horror movie. However, I do see a way that it could happen and not have to worry about Disney. You know how Marvel has the Netflix shows? The reason for them being on Netflix is because shows and movies that premiere exclusively on there have a lot more freedom. In the case of Marvel, the Netflix shows delve into the much darker story and content. So what if Lucasfilm does a similar thing and does some of their Anthology films through Netflix? But that happens, please get some better cinematographers. I enjoyed Spectral, but the camerawork was bland. But I’m getting off track.


Children of the Force

This would be a story about the origins of the Jedi and Sith. How they first discovered the Force and their connection to it, how they discovered Kyber Crystals and first built lightsabers and possibly the original Holocrons, how the two factions formed and established their codes. There is so much potential in this. There are several possibilities for what planets we could see.
Option 1: Acht-Tu- The planet where Rey finds Luke at the end of Episode VII and supposedly the location of the first Jedi temple.
Option 2: Korriban- One of the Old Republic cinematics refers to it as the birthplace of the Sith.
Option 3: Whatever that planet was from the Season 2 finale of Star Wars: Rebels where that giant Sith Temple/Battle Station.
I could actually see this being a trilogy that leads up to a final battle between the original groups of Jedi and Sith and those lightsabers we see scattered around the Sith Temple on Rebels are those Jedi and Sith’s lightsabers. For director I’m thinking maybe Zack Snyder or Ben Affleck.
I may need to do an entire separate article about this one.


Ahsoka Tano

This is one I’m surprised I haven’t seen more people suggest. Ahsoka is one of, if not THE most beloved new character from the Clone Wars cartoon and fans would no doubt be ecstatic to see her make her live action debut. The film would be set after Revenge of the Sith and show her journey of trying to hide from the newly formed Empire but still help those in need. We could see how she got her twin white lightsabers that we see her use on Star Wars: Rebels and how she became aligned with the rebellion and became Fulcrum. As for casting, while I have no proof of this whatsoever, I have this suspicion that Emilia Clarke’s character in next years Han Solo movie is Ahsoka. I think she would be a great fit for the character. Again, I have no proof of this and I’m most likely completely wrong, so my next choice would be Nina Dobrev or maybe Margot Robbie. Rosario Dawson recently expressed interest in playing the character. And while I love Rosario Dawson and wouldn’t be against her in the role, I would prefer if she played a live action Hera from Rebels. No idea who would direct.


The Lego Star Wars Movie

Of all the movie ideas on this list, this one is the most unlikely to happen. But come on, it would really fun and cool to see. No idea what it would be about or which characters it would follow and since Billy Dee Williams and Anthony Daniels came back to voice Lando and C-3P0 for their cameo in the Lego Movie, whichever characters they do follow would most likely be voiced by the same actors from the movies. Director(s) would either be Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the directors of the first Lego Movie, or Chris McKay who directed the Lego Batman Movie. Yeah, I have no ideas about what this would be. Maybe they could center it around some EU characters since this obviously wouldn’t be in canon with any of the actual movies. I don’t know, I just wanna see it.


Obi-Wan Kenobi

Yep. You knew this was coming. It’s the Anthology movie everyone has wanted since they announced them and I’m no different. The film would, of course, be set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope on Tatooine. As for what the story would be, I’m not entirely sure. Star Wars: Rebels will be showing Obi-Wan and Darth Mauls final rematch later this season and that really annoys me because that’s what I would want to see in this movie. Ewan McGregor would of course return to play Obi-Wan Kenobi and to direct, my choice would be one of my all time favorite directors, Jon Favreau.


Star Wars: Underworld

A buddy of mine has said that this is an Anthology film that he really wants. That being a movie centered around the Coruscant criminal underworld. A story like this nearly came to be in the form of the video game Star Wars 1313. But for whatever reason, the project is in development limbo and there’s no sign that it could see the light of day any time soon. So why not revive it in the form of a crime thriller style Anthology film? It could feature a slew of new bounty hunter character, as well as familiar ones like Bossk and/or Boba Fett. And Daniel Logan, who played Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones, is the right age that he could return to play an adult version of the character. My pick to direct would be Denis Villeneuve.



This would be set a couple years, maybe about a decade, after Revenge of the Sith and Vader continuing to hunt down the remaining Jedi throughout the galaxy. Now obviously the film cant just be Vader slashing through a bunch of Jedi and rebels. But there would of course be plenty of that. The film would also have moments of Vader attempting to try and push back what remains of Anakin Skywalker. while James Earl Jones would of course return to voice Vader, I think it would be great if they brought back Hayden Christiansen to play Anakin in scenes where Vader is out of the suit or at least when he has his helmet off. And perhaps Natalie Portman and Pernilla August could return as ghosts of Padme and Shmi that try to convince Anakin not to fully give in to the Dark Side and destroy what’s left of his former self. Maybe even throw in Liam Neeson as a ghost of Qui-Gonn as well. So the film would sort of be a character study. My choice to direct would be Kenneth Branagh. And I realize how extremely unlikely this would be, but I would love if this could get the clear on an R-rating so that we can see Vader get really brutal in the action sequences. Admit it. You wanna see it too.



Yoda is quite possibly the most mysterious character in all of Star Wars. We don’t know where he came from or even what the name of his species is. So let’s find out. Show us where he came from and how he became the Jedi Master we know him as. Not much else I can say except this. Keep the marketing secretive like the trailers for The Force Awakens. Don’t tell us any of the information we’re asking for and just let the movie itself reveal it. My pick to play young Yoda is Dane DeHaan. I mean look at that young Yoda fan art. It looks just like him. No idea who’d direct.



Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? Well we’ve heard a little bit of it. Now let’s see it. Show us how Sheev Palpatine became the apprentice of Darth Plagueis, eventually became Darth Sidious and began his infiltratiron of the Republic government and rise to becoming the Emperor. To play Sidious, my top choice would be James McAvoy. I have no idea who’d play Plagueis. My top choice to direct would be James Wan.


For the films where I didn’t give give any specific casting choices, here’s a list of actors and actresses I’d like to see in Star Wars.

Jenna Coleman

Dwayne Johnson

Vin Diesel

Henry Cavill

Ken Watanabe

Sebastian Stan

Caitlyn Lotz

Michael Fassbender

Chadwick Boseman

Elizabeth Olsen

Kevin Spacey

Benedict Cumberbatch

Jeff Bridges

Kurt Russell

Idris Elba

Elodie Yung

Rebecca Ferguson

Taron Egerton

Andrew Garfield

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